Global Warming

Here is how global warming is working out, as described by Tom Harris and Dr Madhav Khandekar at PJMedia:

  • CONUS: third-coldest Decembers and Januaries (that’s 2013 and 2014) in 30 years averaged over the contiguous 48 States; temperatures plummeting to −10°C in Atlanta, −26°C in Chicago, for instance
  • CONUS again: 59% of the contiguous 48 States was snow-covered, first time in 10 years, on 17 Dec
  • North East India: unusually severe snow and −10°C temperatures without home heating
  • Most of India, generally: 2°C-5°C colder than usual
  • Cairo: first snowfall in over a century
  • Jerusalem: fiercest snowstorm in 20 years
  • Berlin: March 2013 was the coldest in 100 years. In the same month, low temperature records were set UK generally: March 2013 had record lows throughout

Even the cold areas of the planet were colder:

  • Antarctica:
    • Record low temperatures
    • Sea ice more extensive than at any time in the modern-day record
  • Arctic:
    • summer sea ice increased by 2.4 million square km in 2013 compared to 2012
    • largest year-to-year increase since satellite records began

Orwellian warming, maybe….

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