It’s Time

…I think, to end the monopoly that is the United States Post Office.  The Constitution does not support this monopoly, saying only that one of the powers of Congress is To establish Post Offices and Post Roads.  Congress can do this just fine by fostering competition and getting out of the way of the private sector handling all of our mail delivery.

The trigger for this is the USPS’ union mendacious claims concerning USPS’ new partnership with Staples to open mini-post offices in Staples stores

staffed by Staples employees, not postal workers

The American Postal Workers Union objects; the move “replaces good-paying union jobs with low-wage, nonunion workers.”

Don’t worry about what’s good for the customer; worry only about what’s good for the union.  Meanwhile, the price of a first class stamp keeps rising steadily.

In the end, nearly the only thing left to de-monopolize is first class mail delivery; the private sector competes quite effectively in all other classes of mail.  Package delivery, for instance, in direct competition with the USPS is faster and cheaper.  The only place where the private sector declines to compete (as opposed to being barred from competing) is in bulk junk mail delivery.  I still get my Tuesday and Wednesday rations of that like clockwork.  And I won’t miss it in the slightest.  I suspect my city’s recycling center won’t miss the clutter, also.

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