Poor Judgment

…makes these unfit to serve as educators, and it’s symptomatic of our broken education system.

A Pennsylvania middle school has chosen to suspend a 10-year-old boy for pretending to shoot a fellow classmate with a bow and arrow while his classmate pretended to shoot him with a folder-cum-machine gun.

A 12-year-old Rhode Island student was suspended for having a gun the size of a quarter on his keychain.

A Maryland 7-year-old was suspended for chewing a pop tart into the “shape of a gun” (he’d bitten off a corner of the square pastry).

These are boys and girls acting like boys and girls.  The teachers, principals, school system superintendents or board members whose judgment that says this should be criminalized or otherwise punished in our schools understand neither children nor education.  They’re wholly unfit to be in our education system in any capacity.

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