Another Failure of Gun Control

Two Gonzaga [University] students are facing possible expulsion from the University after they pulled a weapon in self defense as a six time felon attempted to get into their on campus apartment.

It seems these two students were confronted, on a recent Thursday night, by a six-time felon with an active arrest warrant on him (which, of course, the students couldn’t know at the time) who tried to force his way into their apartment, demanding money (which, of course, the students understood very clearly at the time).  It was only when one of the students brandished a pistol—for which he has a concealed weapons permit—that the thug left (to be arrested later based on the students’ subsequent report to the police).

It’s also interesting to note that the student did not fire his weapon.  There turned out to be no need to fire; the thug left on seeing it, and the restraint demonstrated the judgment of permit holders, generally.

Nevertheless, Gonzaga is holding firm to its policy of no guns at all and to its intent to discipline the students for the crime of successfully defending themselves without University oversight.

Gonzaga released a statement speaking of their long standing weapons policy that has been in effect.  The University says the policy has been in place to reduce threats to the school.

Which it took a gun to reduce….


Executive Vice President Earl Martin said Monday the university will try to turn the incident into a teachable moment by re-examining its no-weapons policy.

Yeah.  In the meantime, these young men remain on Gonzaga’s probation, and Gonzaga still has their weapons, which the University “confiscated” in the aftermath of this self defense action.  And these young men now have no defenses against the next thug to come by.

When the bad man comes, and seconds count, the police will be only minutes away.  What are these two to do in those intervening minutes, after their seconds are up?

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