Another Wisconsin Democratic Party Threat

Once again, the Democrats of Wisconsin are threatening—promising—thuggery, if they can’t get their minority way imposed on honest Wisconsin citizens.

When the Wisconsin Senate passed out of committee a bill that had already passed the Assembly addressing abortion, the committee voted against the Democrat minority.  State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D) promised “all out hell” if the Wisconsin Senate debates presumes to debate the matter on the floor.  Threatening Committee Chair Leah Vukmir (R), Erpenbach warned

You don’t want this headline.  You don’t want this story.  You don’t want this hassle that’s about to happen.


All out hell.  Seriously.

What else are you going to do, Ace?  Take your party and run away to Illinois, shutting down your government again, like you did in 2013, the last time you couldn’t get your way?

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