Obamacare’s Grandfather Clause is Easily Fixable

From Texan99, over at Grim’s Hall, comes this interesting little datum [emphasis hers]:

 [T]he only, yes only, reason that people are losing their current policies is because President Obama’s administration (which he presumably leads) wrote regulations that overrode the grandfathering clause in all those policies.

This is important.  They didn’t have to do that!  It’s still reversible!

Texan99 expanded on this point:

I’m making this point—that HHS could reverse the harmful regulations tomorrow without violating the ACA—in every forum I can reach.  It won’t prop the ACA up [listening, knuckleheads?]; the income from we few “Wild Westers” isn’t enough even if every one of us knuckles under to paying double the premiums from now on.  But it will get some of us out of an acute, immediate bind, and it will show either that the President screwed the pooch big time, or that he could help this “unimportant 5%” but simply can’t be bothered to do it.

She’s right.  She’s right, also, that the Republicans (and Conservatives, say I) need to be shouting this from every rooftop and town square podium in the nation.  But given the mendacity of this President and his…staff…I’m not holding my breath on his choosing the right answer.

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