Government and Personal Information Security

Government snooping on the ObamaCare website certainly raises alarms.  But [TrustedSec President, David] Kennedy says even more concerning is that—according to his research— is riddled with holes in security.

“We can look at the code that’s behind it,” Kennedy told Fox News, “look at how things work.  And we can tell that there wasn’t even minimum standards bolted onto this application, even before its release.”

The Feds, of course, insist otherwise.  Health and Human Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner testified before last week’s House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing:

They can trust that the information they’re providing is protected to the highest privacy standards.

Kennedy again:

If I was allowed to attack the website by myself and I had approval to go and do it, it would be very simple for me to break into it, steal all that information that’s in the database including all of your personal information that you used to register for the site, Social Security numbers—everything like that.

Which one has the greater vested interest in the claims?

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