What Americans Are Saying

…about the Democrat-manufactured debt ceiling impasse:

A Fox News national poll asks voters to imagine being a lawmaker and having to cast an up-or-down vote on raising the debt ceiling:  37% would vote in favor of it, while 58% would vote against it.

That includes majorities of Republicans (78%), Independents (57%), and Tea Partiers (88%, and which includes a considerable overlap with Republicans).  It’s only the Democrats who are willing to borrow and borrow and borrow with debt moving on in its rapid pace (57% of them).

A majority of Americans, not entirely contradictorily, also say it would be acceptable to raise the debt ceiling if “major cuts in government spending” accompanied the ceiling raise—62%.  Only 27% think it’s a good idea without accompanying spending cuts.

On the standard Who Do You Trust question, 48% of Americans trust Republicans to “cut government spending enough to make a difference in the budget deficit while at the same time not cutting so much that valuable programs are hurt,” compared to 39% trusting President Barack Obama to do that.  This is a sharp shift from last spring, when the split was 42% Republican and 45% Obama.

Obama and his Democrats need to get off their high horse and listen to the American people, their collective boss.

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