Transparency and a Phony Scandal

Here‘s some more on President Barack Obama’s phony scandals—the IRS one.

The House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee letter directly blames acting Commissioner Danny Werfel for the “systematic manner” in which his agency has “attempted to delay, frustrate, impede and obstruct” the committee’s investigation, despite his promising just weeks earlier to fully cooperate.

“The actions of the IRS under your leadership have made clear to the committee that the agency has no intention of complying completely or promptly with the committee’s oversight efforts,” wrote committee Chairman Congressman Darrell Issa (R, CA).

Indeed, Werfel has only delivered some 12,000 pages of the requested 64 million—less than 2 hundredths of a single per cent of the request—and many of those are merely duplicates or so badly redacted as to be useless.

This is transparency of Orwellian proportions.

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