More “Muddled” Foreign Policy

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal‘s transcript of President Barack Obama’s joint presser with the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmud Abbas, an affair which Obama carefully conducted beneath a banner of the terrorist Yasser Arafat,

we have these…remarks…from our President in answer to the questions “After you meet leaders from both sides, is there any chance to resume peace talks as soon as possible?   And do you think that the two-state solution is still valid in this policy of expanding settlements is continuing going on?”:

I think it’s important for us to work through this process, even if there are irritants on both sides.  The Israelis have concerns about rockets flying into their cities last night.  And it would be easy for them to say, you see, this is why we can’t have peace because we can’t afford to have our kids in beds sleeping and suddenly a rocket comes through the roof.  But my argument is even though both sides may have areas of strong disagreement, may be engaging in activities that the other side considers to be a breach of good faith, we have to push through those things to try to get to an agreement….

Let me get this straight.  Our President says that murderous acts of terrorism, blatant acts of war, are just “strong disagreements?”  Mere “breaches of good faith?”

And then he said this:

And those two states I think will be able to deal with each other the same way all states do.  I mean, the United States and Canada has arguments once in a while, but they’re not the nature of arguments that can’t be solved diplomatically.

So our good friend Canada is no better than the PA?  Just a bunch of thuggish, ungovernable terrorist wannabes?

Does it get any more incompetent than this?

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