Incoherent Foreign Policy

President Barack Obama has it.

Here’s an illustration of that incoherence, vis-à-vis Israel and Iran.

Vice President Joe Biden, on 4 March:

Let me make clear what that commitment is: it is to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.  Period.  End of discussion.  Prevent—not contain—prevent….  Big nations can’t bluff….  And President Barack Obama is not bluffing.

Here’s Secretary of State John Kerry, on 5 March:

[Red] lines have been drawn before and they’ve been passed.  …  [President Obama] would like to see the P1+5 process and negotiation process be able to work and avoid any consideration of any kind of military action.  …we are prepared through P5+1 and negotiating process to engage in a serious proposal that they would make to prove their program is in fact a peaceful program.

Commander US CENTCOM, General James Mattis before the Senate Armed Services Committee, on 5 March, in answer to the question, “In your professional opinion, are the current diplomatic and economic efforts to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability—are they working?”

No, sir.

Then he testified that he was working on “other options” at Obama’s direction.

Obama knows he’s better than any of his expert advisers, but does he, or by extension do any of his advisors, have any idea of what he’s doing in this arena?

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