Out of Touch, or Doesn’t Care?

President Barack Obama has said about our national debt, “What, me worry?”  Actually, that’s not quite what he told Republicans when he deigned visit their caucus earlier this week; what he actually said was that there was no

immediate crisis in terms of debt.

He’s also said he’s not interested in a balanced budget.

He had this exchange with Congressmen Kevin Brady (R, TX) and Dave Camp (R, MI, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman) at that same meeting with the Republican caucus:

Brady said that Camp  asked the president  to move now on Medicare means-testing and the new inflation calculation [to which Obama had already agreed earlier], among other measures.

According to Mr. Brady, Mr. Camp said, “Look, if we agree on baby steps on Medicare and Social Security, why wait, let’s take them now.  The president gracefully declined.”  Mr Camp confirmed the exchange.

In what fantasy world is he living?

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