It’s Onerous to Become a Citizen?

Dan Siciliano, a Stanford Law School professor, thinks so.

People think it’s automatic, short and easy.  [In reality] the pathway to citizenship is onerous.

Here are the requirements for becoming a citizen:

  • the immigrants must a $680 fee
  • pass an oral exam
  • present five years’ worth of tax returns
  • submit to a background check for things such as criminal convictions.
  • pass an interview with an immigration officer who tests their ability to speak, read and write English

Yeah, that’s onerous.  The fee serves as a (light) screen against the indigent.  Current immigration law makes it illegal to allow in those who will be burdens on our society, who can’t earn a living.  The five years of having paid income taxes provides current, empirical evidence of the immigrant’s ability to earn his own way and to contribute to his new community.

Any nation has the right to keep out other nations’ criminals—that’s what the background check does.

It’s a hard concept, but English is the language of the United States.  Not Spanish, or French, or Arabic, or Farsi, or….  Businesses are foolish to stand on ceremony and demand their customers speak only English.  But the preservation of American society and culture—that which made us a great nation—demands that political speech be done in English.

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