The Democratic National Committee has told Westport, CT, that it will not be reimbursed for the $15 thousand the city spent on security, traffic control, fire, emergency planning, and so on for Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s fundraising trip in early August.

The candidate held two fundraisers in the small town, one at Sherwood Island State Park and the other a $36 thousand per person dinner at movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s digs.  The town’s First Selectman, Gordon Joseloff, noted that the tightwad-ness could have been softened had the candidate at least held a public event in the form of a visit to the town’s 9/11 memorial—just yards from the helipad used by the candidate to pop in and back out.  Candidate Obama had no time for such things, though.

At $36k per, it would seem half a meal—or just the table scraps—would have covered the town’s costs for the fundraisers.  I have to ask, then: is the Obama campaign that broke, or just that cheap?  And is it broke/cheap only fiscally, or morally, also?

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