What’s Their Plan?

What is Democratic Party’s plan, exactly, for getting our country out of its debt hole, out of its economic hole that’s deepening that debt hole and ruining individual American lives?  What is Barack Obama’s plan?

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his supporters out-raised Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and his supporters last month by $100 million to $75 million, marking the third straight month the Republican candidate has out-raised the Democratic candidate.

In response, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out the following, more in support of the Democratic Presidential candidate than any Democratic Congressional candidate:

BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney and the Republicans brought in a whopping $101 million in July.

You and I both know that Mitt Romney will sell America out if he becomes President — giving more tax breaks to his Big Oil and billionaire backers.

The only way we can stop them is to close this fundraising gap – starting today.

Please do your part — make a donation of $3 or more right now to back up President Obama with a Democratic majority.

The reality is simple: If Mitt can bury us under a wave of corporate special interest cash, we will lose in November.

But if everyone who’s been waiting to give pitches in a few dollars, we can start closing the gap today.


Thanks for all you do,


Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director

Well.  I guess, being a poor, dumb conservative, I just don’t understand.  What was that Democratic Party plan, again?

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