Buncha Crybabies

Officials at Six Rivers Planned Parenthood of Eureka, CA, launched a “40 Days of Prayer” “prayer campaign” in March that offers daily prayers for pregnant women and clinicians who perform abortions.

Naturally, the Progressives have their panties in a twist over it.  Liberty Counsel, a pro-life…litigation group…is bellyaching that this is just a “desperate attempt” to garner publicity and funding by mocking pro-choicers.

They whine, for instance,

Planned Parenthood’s prayer crusade is an attempt to mock and marginalize the highly effective “40 Days for Life,” which has unified half a million voices for the cause and saved at least 5,838 lives….

Here’s Liberty Counsel founder Matthew Staver:

“Planned Parenthood’s ‘prayer’ campaign is offensive.”

I might think, “poor babies,” were the beef not so cynical.

As a commenter at Villainous Company puts it in a related venue,

Pro-choice? Most on the Left side of the aisle are extremely ANTI-CHOICE; do it their way or don’t do it.  Applies to lifestyles (no conservatives, no big families, no religion), work (no traditional one-worker families), the environment (no industry, assumed to pollute without question, global warming), and so on.  NO CHOICE ALLOWED which contradicts, interferes or denies leftist policy; no flexibility, even when the participants agree on what they want.
WE MUST OBEY or be criticized in every available arena….

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