Are Ethics Situational?

We have a Progressive comedian with a history of scurrilous slurs against conservative women, and we have a conservative radio talk show host making scurrilous slurs against a Progressive woman.  Only the conservative is the recipient of opprobrium.

There is some commentary on the commentary.

Penny Nance, of Concerned Women for America, suggests that President Obama should insist that the comedian’s $1 million donation to Priorities USA Action, which supports the Obama campaign, should be returned to the comedian.

On the other hand, Bill Burton, Priorities USA Action, while saying the comedian’s comments were “vulgar and inappropriate,” insists that it’s different than the comments from the talk show host.

The notion that there is an equivalence between what a comedian has said during the course of his career, and what the [talk show host] said to sexually degrade a woman who engaged in a political debate of our time is crazy.  There’s no similarity about what Rush Limbaugh said, lying about the argument that Miss Fluke was making, a law student at Georgetown, and what a comedian has said in the past.


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