What the Democrats Stand for in the Coming Campaign

Straight from the horse’s mouth.  As President Obama says,

Part of what 2012 is about is…framing this larger debate about what kind of country are we going to leave for our children and our grandchildren….

He’s right about that.

Then he says that Republican policies amount to

…a different theory that says, we’re going to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us, and roll back regulations on things like clean air and health care reform and Wall Street reform, and that somehow, automatically, that assures that everybody is able to succeed.

This is his demonization of his opposition’s desire, and the American people’s need, to get government out of the way of our economy so that it can begin to recover, and to get government out of our lives so that we can go about our business free of government interference.

Further, the Progressives of the Obama party insist that government Knows Better.  Government should be populated with university-trained Patrons who will run our economic and social lives, because we can’t be trusted to manage our own: more government management of competition, for instance (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), and Obamacare, under which Big Government presumes to be to dictate to us what we will buy or not buy.

And the Democrats stand for government by fiat, and the Constitution be damned.  On Wednesday, Obama simply ignored Constitutional requirements and appointed Richard Cordray as CFPB director, despite the fact that the Senate has not advised and consented to Cordray’s appointment.  Obama claims this is a recess appointment; however, the Senate is not in recess.  Doesn’t matter.  “I refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer,” says he.  He followed this with another unconstitutional set of appointments, this time of three new members that must be Senate-approved–but without that approval, and while the Senate is in session–to flesh out the blatantly pro-union NLRB.

We can look forward to bigger government, more governmental interference in our affairs, and the removal of the Constitution from its status as the supreme Law of the Land if the Progressives are reelected this year.

Another thing for which the Progressives stand in the coming campaign: ad hominem attacks on their opponents, since the Dems can’t run on their record of accomplishment—or on their ideology.

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