Progressives: Republicans, Economy, Take a Hike

Republicans on the Super Committee, that Congressional facility charged with finding a deficit-cutting compromise for the welfare of our nation as a whole, have offered their ProgressiveDemocratic party counterparts $500 billion in revenue increases, including $300 billion from plugging loopholes in the present tax code.  This represents a significant move away from the Republicans’ spending cuts only push, a move made in an effort to save the talks and our economy.

Those Democrats, though, have dismissively rejected the compromise offer without any serious consideration.  For instance, we have Senator Patty Murray (D, WA):

I have yet to see a real, credible plan that raises revenue in a significant way to bring us to a fair, balanced proposal.

And Senator John Kerry (D, MA):

They’re anxious to promote a certain concept with all of you.  I’ll be very clear that whatever they put there doesn’t get the job done.

With this knee-jerk, offer not to be taken seriously, rebuff, the Progressives have, once again, demonstrated lack of interest in compromise.

The Democrats refuse to close loopholes; that would jeopardize their own tax shenanigans (“green” energy subsidies, for instance, and loan programs for failing, but connected, “green” energy companies).  Instead, the Democrats insist on wholesale tax rate increases, particularly on Progressive-disfavored groups.  The Democrats insist on prosecuting their class warfare, trying to pit American against American for no better reason than their own personal political gain.  And they don’t care a whit about the damage to our economy their intransigence or their taxes cause, if they can get that.

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