Another Reason to Privatize Social Security

You can’t have your disability benefits whenever it’s inconvenient to the Federal bureaucrats who control SSA in your name to act promptly.

Social Security bureaucrats—and this includes the Social Security judges who must rule on the legitimacy of a disability application—in at least seven states are slow-walking social security disability applications.  The reason offered is that, in the Federal calendar, which is used for promotion and bonus assessment, the last week of September of this year is a 53rd week due to leap year effects.  Work done in the 53rd week doesn’t count toward meeting the numbers necessary for promotion or “thousands of dollars” of bonuses: they’ve been instructed to hold off on the work for a week so the work will count toward those numbers.  Of course it’s a simple programming task to include 53rd weeks….

Apparently, the Federal bureaucrats’ perks are more important than the disability payments for thousands of Americans.  Of course the SSA spokesman “regrets this occurrence.”  No word on whether Ms Jo Anne B Barnhart herself, the head of the Social Security Administration, “regrets this occurrence.”

Read the whole thing.

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