Joe Biden’s Dishonesty and Joe Biden’s Decline

Just the News calls all of these “whoppers;” I have a slightly different view.

  • Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden claims that inflation was at 9% when he took office when it actually was 1.4% then and didn’t reach 9% until the second year of his term.
  • Biden claims to have reduced the Federal government’s deficit by some $1.7 trillion, when what reduction that did occur was the result of Wuhan Virus Situation stimulus spending expiring.
  • There was no reduction from anything Biden did.
  • Biden claimed gasoline was at $5, on average, when he took office and was then-currently $3.39. Actual average pricing was $2.334 when he took office, and at the time he made his…claim…gasoline cost $3.76.

These are straight up lies, easily checked, and he—at least his advisors—knew better and know better.

Then there are these claims:

  • Biden says his uncle was eaten by cannibals. There is no evidence to support that claim beyond the unadorned fact that the airplane carrying his uncle crashed in the Pacific Ocean near New Guinea.
  • Biden says he was at Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 terrorist attack. In his 2007 book—published just 6 years after the attack—he wrote that he was in DC on that day after.
  • Biden claims his son Beau, who died in Walter Reed from brain cancer, died in Iraq.
  • Biden attacked Special Counsel Hur for asking him about Beau’s death. The interview transcript makes it clear that Hur did not; Biden himself brought up the matter of his son’s death.

These aren’t lies; these are nothing more than the confused ramblings of an old man in mental decline.

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