A construction warehouse in Los Angeles owned by Ryan Baggaley and his brothers was broken into and looted. Now Baggaley is upset.

I voted for Karen Bass. I voted for Biden. I voted for Gavin Newsom. I’m sick of it[.]

Why? He could see their attitude toward police and toward law and order for years including from Bass’ time in Congress before she became the latest LA Mayor and continued the city’s soft-on-crime tradition. He could see the rampant and exploding crime all around him during those years. Why would he keep voting, repeatedly, for more of the same?

The brothers waited until it happened to them directly before they decided the situation was wrong.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time may or may not be an indication of insanity. It is, though, a clear demonstration of stupidity. They still kept voting Progressive-Democrat, apparently expecting different results each time they voted. If they do decide to leave California, they’re not welcome here in Texas. Or even if they decide to stay in California, they’re still not welcome in Texas.

And just to saucer and blow this Los Angeles situation, there’s this bit of sad irony:

The suspect vehicle used in Baggaley’s break-in was stolen from the LAPD’s impound yard[.]

Too many cops. Take some of them out.

Oh, wait. They already did. Need to reduce the force even more to work this problem.

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