New FBI Headquarters

The FBI wants a new headquarters building, and the GSA has identified the new location for it, in Greenbelt, MD. The FBI had wanted Springfield, VA, and they’ve raised ethics concerns over the GSA’s site selection process. Those concerns, however real, are in the rumble seat compared to the problem either site presented: both are far too deep inside the DC bubble. One is just 11 miles southwest of Capitol Hill, and the other is just 12 miles northeast of Capitol Hill.

Better locations would have been well outside that bubble, out where us ordinary Americans, us folks with whom the FBI is supposed to be interacting and protecting, live. Places like McPherson, KS, or Broken Bow, NE, or Calvin, OK. Places in our heartland.

There’s more to this, too.

At the [J Edgar] Hoover Building, officials have quick access to prosecutors in the Justice Department’s headquarters across Pennsylvania Avenue.

That’s fine. DoJ headquarters needs to be moved out of the DC bubble, too, for the betterment of our nation. Whichever of those heartland towns (or another like them) gets the FBI headquarters (were my wish to be favorably answered), DoJ HQ should be relocated to another of those towns.

If you don’t know where the towns are without consulting a map, that’s the point.

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