Arizona Governor’s Absence

Arizona’s Progressive-Democratic Party Governor Katie Hobbs was absent from duty last Wednesday evening through Thursday mid-morning, and the State’s Treasurer, Kimberly Yee, assumed the duty as Acting Governor for the period.

I have questions.

One question is one that several folks are asking: where was she? Neither Hobbs beforehand nor Yee currently has been willing to say.

Another is what happened to the State’s Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes, another Progressive-Democrat, and the Attorney General, Kris Mayes (also a Progressive-Democrat)? This is what Arizona’s constitution, Article 5, Section 6, Clause C says regarding succession:

If a vacancy in the office of governor occurs with or during a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor, the secretary of state, the attorney general, the state treasurer or the superintendent of public instruction shall, in the order named, succeed to the office of governor.

(Arizona won’t have a Lieutenant Governor until 2026, which is when a constitutional amendment (Proposition 131) creating the position takes effect.)

And Clause E, to saucer and blow this succession matter:

In the event of the impeachment of the governor, the governor’s absence from the state or other temporary disability to discharge the duties of the office, the powers and duties of the office of governor shall devolve on the same person as in case of vacancy, but only until the disability ceases.

Skipping two levels of succession to get to the Treasurer? Were those two absent from duty, also? If so, why? If not, why were they skipped?

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