The House Impeachment Inquiry

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) has announced an impeachment inquiry to look, formally, into allegations of President Joe Biden’s (D) misbehaviors. The press, lately exemplified by the august editors of The Wall Street Journal, keeps nattering on about the following:

Formally opening an inquiry puts more legal force behind House subpoenas to investigate the President’s role in promoting the Biden family’s business connections to shady foreign firms.

While I agree with the concept of the impeachment inquiry, I do have a couple of questions about that more legal force behind House subpoenas bit, especially since the press never supports that claim.

  1. What Constitutional clause or statute creates this increased legal force?
  2. On the assumption such a clause or statute exists, who will enforce the subpoenas? The Biden/Garland DoJ certainly will not; that entity, and the Obama/Lynch DoJ before it, have already refused to enforce far too many House subpoenas.

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