NBC News Writers Took the Day Off?

NBC News celebrated the end of last month with 700 words “analyzing” a Twitter account that parodies New York Progressive-Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Twitter account.

…@AOCPress, which is marked as a parody account but looks close to identical to the congresswoman’s real account when users scroll through their feeds. Parody accounts are required to mark themselves as impersonators on their profiles, but that marking gets cut off when viewing the @AOCPress account’s tweets in the feeds of the mobile application.
The account is fooling some of the people who read its tweets—bringing to life some of the fears about Musk’s paid verification system that stripped legacy verified users of their blue check marks. In the replies, there is a mix of responses from people taking the tweets at face value and attributing them to the real Ocasio-Cortez, while others point out that it’s a parody account.

Important, heady stuff. Right up there with another major news outlet’s cover story headline: Monster mom Casey: YES, I LIED ABOUT CAYLEE’S MURDER! That’s from National Enquirer.

Maybe there needs to be an NBC Newsroom (Parody) account.

Oh, wait—that might not take off: NBC News is so good at being its own parody.

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