The Washington Post published an op-ed about the cost of eggs, and how they’re really cheap, and both WaPo and the writer were serious. Why eggs are cheaper than you think goes the headline. Then, with a straight face,

If you look at old cookbooks, you will notice that the authors seem to view eggs and chicken as almost a luxury good. My 1950 “Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook book” contains recipes for making mock chicken dishes—out of veal. Go back further and the 1896 Fannie Farmer cookbook sternly informs readers that, “eggs, even at twenty-five cents per dozen, should not be freely used by the strict economist.”

The writer then went on in great length about how much incomes have risen in those 125 and more years since, the time committed to cooking has decreased in those 125 and more years since, and on and on.

All true, too.


We don’t live those 125 and more years ago; we live today, and we’ll live tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. And as even the writer of this WaPo op-ed admits:

…the price of eggs has spiked so much—from $1.79 in December 2021, to $4.25 a year later….

That price spiked far higher—over $11 the dozen—in some places. That’s today’s money for today’s eggs. The real world is today, not yesterday. Regardless of those old timey prices, we’re still paying today’s inflated prices for our eggs, and for all of our food, for which eggs are only a stand-in in this context.

This is the idiocy of the Left.

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