Boris Johnson is Mistaken

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson advocates—absolutely correctly—that the West must step up its aid to Ukraine in order to accelerate an end to the barbarian’s invasion on terms favorable to Ukraine.

But early on in his Wall Street Journal op-ed he wrote a serious mistake.

Russian forces must be pushed back to the de facto boundary of Feb. 24.

Johnson’s heart is in the right place, but he’s badly mistaken here.

Johnson wrote in his immediately preceding sentence,

The war in Ukraine can end only with Vladimir Putin’s defeat.

The barbarian must be fully expelled from every inch of Ukrainian territory; that’s the only outcome that actually would be a defeat for Putin. Agreeing the 24 Feb line of more-or-less control only would agree stalemate while actively accepting the premise that put the barbarian that far into Ukrainian territory in the first place: that a Russian Anschluss is legitimate.

There is no alternative to the barbarian’s complete expulsion.

Full stop.

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