Elon Musk is, among other things with Twitter, taking steps to reduce or eliminate “accounts” that impersonate real persons without attribution.

[Musk] said Sunday that impersonating accounts will be permanently suspended unless they are specified as parody.

And yet, there are those on the Left who object to honesty in tweeting.

Jessie Hill, a law professor at Case Western Reserve University, said Monday that by banning accounts that make fun of him, Mr Musk could have a chilling effect on speech on Twitter.

This is a typically cynical Leftist distortion of the facts. Musk isn’t banning accounts that make fun of him, he’s banning accounts that claim to be him, or that claim to be any other person.

Make fun of Musk to our heart’s content. Just expect Musk, at least occasionally, to answer in kind. Which actually will add fun to the matter.

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