Faint Praise

The headline and subheadline said it all in their summary of President Joe Biden’s (D) speech in his supposedly stump speech in Pennsylvania:

Biden spends little time talking about Fetterman during Pennsylvania rally
President Biden uses just one segment of Pennsylvania speech to praise Senate candidate John Fetterman

Biden went down to Pennsylvania and stumped—at least that’s what Fox News generously called it—for that State’s Progressive-Democratic Party candidate for Senate, John Fetterman in these last days before the election.

…but [Biden] made only brief mention of the lieutenant governor, instead making an impassioned plea to choose between “two vastly different visions of America.”

That’s damning by faint praise. Not even the fabulist Biden could come up with more than a sentence or two with which to tout Fetterman and Fetterman’s policies.

There’s a hint in there, somewhere.

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