A Wall Street Journal article described the ongoing efforts of Ukrainians to identify the specific Russian barbarians who committed specific acts of atrocity so as to get about bringing the barbarians to justice. This bit, though, jumped out at me.

[Ukrainian prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko] Kravchenko leafed through a collection of documents.
A Russian paratrooper had left behind a military ID card.
A soldier born in 2002, in Revda, in the Russian region of Sverdlovsk, retreated without his passport.
A 23-year-old officer from Pskov had left a bank card and coronavirus vaccination certificate.

Sloppy, certainly. Who takes out their papers—ID cards, passports, etc—and leaves them out anywhere under any circumstances? But in addition to that, not collecting them back up on the way out the door, leaving them behind, abandoning them? Was there a measure of panic in these barbarians’ withdrawal?

At best, these documents indicate an undisciplined collection or Russian “military” personnel. Appallingly, the undisciplined included at least one individual marked as a Russian officer.

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