Support for Russia

As the People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping considers shipping money, arms, “nonperishable foods,” any other material to support Russia President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of and atrocities on Ukraine and that nation’s women and children, and hospitals and schools, and innocents sheltering in bomb shelters against the barbarians’ rockets, missiles, and bombs, the video below is what Xi will be actively approving, not merely tacitly condoning.

As Union of South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa actually blames NATO for Putin’s naked aggression, and refuses to blame Russia for its barbaric behavior, the video below illustrates the nature of Putin’s invader barbarians that Ramaphosa actively approves.

Heads up. The video is behind Aplhabet CEO Sundar Pichai’s YouTube warning that the video is too harsh for Americans to see without being warned first. Which is, itself, an indication of the barbarism of which Xi and Ramaphosa approve.

Here is the video.

Governments that support such behavior are themselves ill-matched for the civilized world, and interaction with them should be done rarely and with great caution.

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