Russia, No-Fly Zones, and War

Highly touted Russia expert Rebekah Koffler ridiculed the idea of a no-fly zone being erected over Ukraine. Her disdain is not at all centered on practicalities—basing, logistics, etc—but on fear of war with Russia.

The Hill: Foreign policy experts call for ‘limited no-fly zone’ over Ukraine
Same “experts” who got UKR-RUS into this conflict in the first place, by promoting foolish ideas, not grounded in reality.
Now dragging us into WWIII.


If the “experts” believe a no-fly zone will make Putin stand down, they are dumb.
If they are running a PSYOP on Putin, it will have the opposite effect. Putin doesn’t think like an American. He thinks like a Russian.
P will interpret the move as escalatory, not de-escalatory.

Koffler’s underlying thesis that Putin doesn’t think like us is right. But in her terror of confronting Putin with a no-fly zone over Ukraine, she wants us to back away from a Putin threat of war against us. Talk about “dumb as a Siberian shoe….”

Her position raises the question: what are her recognition keys for when it is…appropriate…for us to stop backing away from Putin and instead to stand and confront him?

This “Russia expert” is carefully silent on matter. Maybe she’s not dumb as a Siberian shoe…. Maybe it’s more that As a lamb she sitteth meke and stille, as leef on lynde.

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