A Putin Supposed Draw-Down

Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be withdrawing some of his troops from the “exercise” he’s been holding along the Belarus-Ukraine border.

Russia announced Tuesday that a select number of units participating in military exercises will return to their bases, sparking hope the Kremlin may not invade Ukraine in the coming days.

I have some possibilities for the claimed withdrawal.

Maybe the “select number of units” are being withdrawn because they performed poorly in these invasion rehearsals.

Maybe the “select number of units” are being held back to act as exploitation reserves in the coming invasion.

Maybe the “select number of units” are being withdrawn as a stage show to get the West to let our guard down even further.

Putin’s, Lavrov’s claimed willingness to negotiate further could well be nothing more than a repeat of the 1941 Japanese government “negotiations” with the US, differing only by Putin’s firmer control of his military than the then-Japanese government had.

2 thoughts on “A Putin Supposed Draw-Down

    • Or they could have been the last contingent of Spetznaz being sent into Ukraine via circuitous routing in order to begin shaping the Ukrainian interior for the coming battles. Or to create the seeming atrocities as pretext, much as they did in Chechnya. Or both.
      Eric Hines

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