Gerard Baker Misunderstands

Gerard Baker asked a serious question early on in his Monday Wall Street Journal op-ed. Unfortunately, despite the cogency of the rest of his piece, his opening remarks are badly wide of any serious mark. He posited

What if she and the administration she works for actually believe their own narrative that they are engaged in an existential, twilight struggle against the forces of darkness among us.

With this, Baker demonstrates two enormous, and mutually independent, misunderstandings in the same sentence.

The one is that there is no question that Harris and the rest of the Biden-Harris administration believe this. Their actions, their constant attacks on the fabric of our nation, many of which are delineated in Baker’s piece, demonstrate this.

The other is that Kamala Harris does not work for “the administration;” she works for We the People. The administration is merely the mechanism through which we employ her.

Update: Even had to correct the title. Jeez….

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