Congressmen Matt Gaetz (R, FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (D, GA) are hitting the campaign trail (a bit early, IMNSHO, but that’s beside my present point), taking their America First Tour to the nation:

The radical left is coming for you. And they know I’m in the way. Come stand with me as we fight back together against this radical president and his far-left agenda[.]

However, and here’s the mistake. They intend, also, to

call out so-called Republicans in Name Only, or RINO’s, and politicians whom they consider part of the country’s “radical left.”

These two need to stay focused on the real Leftist extremists, their Progressive-Democratic Party, and Party’s and Biden’s destructive policies and the destruction they’re trying to wreak with yet more of their extremist proposals.

Hitting RINOs, and other Republicans who are squishier than many of us like, however emotionally agreeable to us, will be counterproductive. Republican majorities—especially strong majorities—in both houses of Congress from 2022 forward is far more important than demanding party purity. That last can only weaken a majority, even put gaining either majority in jeopardy.

Purity-demanding caused a lot of Republican failures in 2010-2016 period when Republicans had majorities. The current crop needs to learn that lesson.

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