The Evil 1%

…those so hated by the Left, at least publicly, are heavily funding the Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign. And those Evil 1% are paying more into the Biden campaign than they are into the Trump campaign.

Biden has raised slightly more money ($187.3 million) than Trump ($183.9 million) among big donors.

That also compares to the amount small donors, those contributing less than $200 each, have contributed to the Biden campaign: $139 million. In sum, big donors have contributed over 57% of the funds donated for Biden.

Meanwhile, stinking rich President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is being funded largely by small, grassroots donors; they’ve contributed $229.5 million to Trump’s campaign—over 55% of the donations for Trump.

Oh, the irony. The party that pretends to hate the 1% is beholden to the 1%.

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