Waiting for Biden

Even as Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden hides out in his Delaware basement—will he give his Convention acceptance speech from there, too, or will he head for a nearby rec center?—while insisting that he’s anxious to debate President Donald Trump, he’s busily declining to press the matter. His acolytes are increasingly urging him to duck the already agreed three debates, too.


The Commission on Presidential Debates declined the Trump campaign’s request for a fourth debate, one that would occur next month, before early voting starts in so many States. Such a debate, timed as it’s suggested, would let voters assess the two candidates as they address each other and each other’s positions face to face before they vote.

It’s not actually a rejection, though.

[The Commission] added that it would “consider” adding an additional encounter between Trump and Biden to the three that are already scheduled if both candidates agree.

If both candidates agree. Trump already has, as demonstrated by his campaign’s request for a fourth debate.

Ball’s in your court, Mr Biden. What’s your answer?

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