We’re Not the only Ones

There’s this bit, via The Independent, a British online news publication, regarding the reliability of (medical) products from the People’s Republic of China:

The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from [the People’s Republic of China] are fit for widespread use.
Professor John Newton, who was appointed by health secretary Matt Hancock to oversee testing, reportedly said the tests were only able to identify immunity in people who had been severely sick with coronavirus.
The tests did not pass the evaluation stage, and he was quoted by The Times as saying they were “not good enough to be worth rolling out in very large scale”.

The Brits, too—along with, I strongly suspect, all of Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and on and on—need to adjust the supply chains of their nationally critical items so as to eliminate the PRC from them.

It’s generally appropriate not to ascribe to malevolence what incompetence can adequately explain. However, sometimes it really is malevolence, when it’s on the scale the PRC is perpetrating.

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