Or, perhaps, an additional one. The editors at The Wall Street Journal have an idea.

The Administration could quietly push a narrow Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that gives Mr Trump power to strike Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq as needed.

That’s too narrow; any new AUMF should authorize the President to strike Iran-backed militias—not just Shiite ones, and not just in Iraq.

More than that, though, the Pentagon…drawing up plans to eliminate Kataib Hezbollah and such an AUMF are not mutually exclusive. Both should be done.

Neither is it necessary for this targeted AUMF to replace the AUMF in place; whether that’s a good or bad idea is a separate question.

The editors also pointed out the opprobrium likely to flow from administration critics as a result of going after this or that terrorist organization, those objections centering on the fear that we would only provoke terrorists.

Administration critics would object to the administration turning up heat on terrorists wherever they are, though. The only reason these should be taken seriously is the political power they wield in Congress. That’s something We the People need to correct in November.

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