Debates and Getting Things Done

Some Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidates aren’t making the cut for Party’s September debate gala in Houston. So far, only 10, or so, have met debate criteria for get there, out of a field of some 20 candidates. The ones missing out are upset with the long-announced rules, and other now ex- candidates are dropping out of the race altogether.

If they’re serious about their complaints and not just whining like spoiled toddlers, those candidates who don’t make the “official” September debate would get together and hold their own debate at the same time and across the street from the DNC’s debate.

While they’re there, they could address an item Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D) raised:

As we’re losing governors from this race, maybe we ought to think about also, like, are these DNC rules for the debates disadvantaging folks that actually have to get things done?

Bullock and his confreres could debate why those governors are unable to “get done” their appearance on the big boys’ stage. Organizing their own debate would go a short way toward redeeming Bullock’s claim.

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