Value of $1 by State and State Government

Here’s a look at the value of a dollar by State and by State governing party for the 10 States with the greatest value and the 10 States with the lowest value.  The value data are from 24/7 Wall Street via Fox Business.

Value of $1 by State and Party in Control
State Value of Dollar Party of Governor Party of House Party of Senate
Top 10
Mississippi $1.16 R R R
Alabama $1.15 R R R
Arkansas $1.15 R R R
West Virginia $1.14 R R R
Kentucky $1.14 R R R
South Dakota $1.13 R R R
Oklahoma $1.12 R R R
Ohio $1.12 R R R
Bottom 10
Alaska $0.95 R D R
Washington $0.95 D D D
New Hampshire $0.94 R D D
Massachusetts $0.93 R D D
Connecticut $0.92 D D D
Maryland $0.91 R D D
New Jersey $0.88 D D D
California $0.87 D D D
New York $0.87 D D D
Hawaii $0.84 D D D


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