Satellites, Espionage, and Malware

It seems that the People’s Republic of China is using our geosynchronous satellites for its own ends, both economic and national security.  It seems the NLMSM is only just catching up to that long-standing fact.

That’s not cool (each of those things), but the former also presents some opportunities (the latter only serves for hand-wringing and click-bait).

One is to upload software to block communications from PRC sources—the data packets have the data necessary for the discrimination embedded within them. Of course, it’s a routine hack to alter those packet source data or to alt-route the messaging so as to disguise the data’s origin.  But that slows down the data stream, and that, with the latency inherently involved in a communications pathway that involves such faraway nodes can destroy the usefulness of some time-sensitive data.

Another stems from the PRC’s reception of communications via our satellites.  This makes the satellites ideal platforms from which, or with which, to inject malware into the data stream headed for PRC sites.  Imagine the possibilities—especially for sleeperware, designed to be triggered at a time opportune for us.

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