“Trump is a symptom, not the cause”

Ex-President Barack Obama (D) said that in his Friday speech at the University of Illinois.  I agree with him, but not for the reason he might think.

President Donald Trump might have triggered our economic recovery with lower taxes and reduced regulation.  He might have begun restoring our nation’s position around the world with his firm rhetoric regarding responsibilities and his refusal to apologize—indeed, his willingness overtly to celebrate—American uniqueness and greatness.

But his election, and his performance in office, are symptoms of the malaise under which our nation labored during eight years of Obama’s economic failures, constant apologies for our nation’s historic successes around the globe, and timidity in enforcing even the most glibly offered red lines.

The Trump administration is the result of Americans’ disgruntlement with the dysfunctional policies of the prior administration.

2 thoughts on ““Trump is a symptom, not the cause”

  1. Уважаемые пользователи, друзья!

    Perhaps the most extreme proclamation from Trump is that he would kill the families of terrorists. He would order our military to kill innocent non-combatants . He has proposed that we kill the family members of ISIS terrorists because they “know what is going on” because they are related to the terrorists. There is yet another pesky fact that intentionally killing civilians in wartime is a crime against humanity under two international treaties signed by the United States: the Hague Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention .

    • He did, indeed, say that, some time ago, not repeated. Rhetoric.
      What’s interesting, and what this post is about, is Obama’s rhetoric in today’s campaign hustings (rhetoric: in his speech at the UofI, Obama referred to his own august self over 100 times. Trump does that, too, and to the same excess, but at least Trump is bragging about actual successes), his policies, and Trump’s policies. Actions outweigh words.
      Eric Hines

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