Once Again

And still: the Veterans Administration is not up to the task.

Hundreds of thousands of veterans face yearslong delays in their appeals of disability rulings because of a backlog of cases choking the Department of Veterans Affairs….

This backlog causes a number of problems…. Rushed rulings on initial claims can be riddled with errors. Veterans who appeal their cases typically wait between three and seven years for resolutions to their appeals, according to the Government Accountability Office. An inspector general report also found that one in 14 veterans dies while awaiting a decision on their disability claim appeal.

Against this backdrop, “VA officials say they have worked hard to process disability claims—and appeals to those claims—faster.”  Stipulate that.  The VA still is failing, no matter the amount of hard work.

The VA must be disbanded and its once and future budgets converted to vouchers for our veterans so they can get the care they need from the doctors they choose at the facilities they choose.


Veteranos Administratio delende est.

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