Is northern Korea starting to fulfill the commitment Baby Kim supposedly made to begin denuclearizing?

An American research group [38 North website] on Monday claimed that North Korea has begun dismantling its main missile-engine test site [Sohae Satellite Launching Station], a possible sign that Pyongyang is fulfilling the promises North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made to President Trump at the summit in Singapore last month.

Or is it simply taking the site apart and moving it somewhere else?  A lot of engine tests, after all, can be done underground.  Only time will tell.

I wonder because of the big deal being made about northern Korea’s lack of missile launches and nuclear bomb tests over the last several months, beginning just prior to the US-northern Korea summit in Singapore, and the tear down of (one of?) northern Korea’s underground nuclear bomb test sites.

There are a couple of potential reasons (among several) for those latter items.  One reason for the lack of launches and tests is that the northern Korea nuclear weapons program has reached a milestone, and it’s simply been consolidating and studying the data collected before it begins anew, building on the outcomes of those analyses.  Another alternative is that

[t]he overall importance of the Sohae missile site has also likely diminished…since North Korea, apparently satisfied with its missile design, had shifted to mass production last year.

Or, they could be acting on that alleged commitment.

One reason for the underground test site dismantling seems rather obvious, albeit ignored in the MLMSM.  This is the same site that People’s Republic of China analyses say was ruined by northern Korea’s last bomb test and the subsequent earthquakes at the site and the collapse of the underground portions of the site.  The explosive dismantling of the surface portions of the site could have been just PR.  Or, northern Korea could have been acting on that alleged commitment.

Don’t attend to the chit-chat going back and forth between the two governments; watch instead the actions of northern Korea.  So far, the series of actions taken by northern Korea are indistinguishable from propaganda.

And all of it must be viewed against the backdrop of northern Korea’s parallel commitment to return the remains of our soldiers who are formally MIA in last century’s Korean War, a commitment that, so far, Baby Kim has chosen to not keep.

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