Privatize It

Among the proposals the Trump administration has offered for drastically restructuring and shrinking the Federal government is one for privatizing the US’ Postal Service.

Of course, the American Postal Workers Union opposes the move, but that’s just wind in the trees and nothing to take seriously.  The union claims that such a move would harm e-commerce and rural America as well as do away with regular mail and package service at affordable costs.  Because competition in the market place doesn’t drive down costs or spur innovation.  And because we all need our regular, daily fix of junk mail.

The administration’s proposal isn’t yet ready for prime time, though.

A privatized Postal Service could be structured like an investor-owned utility and continue to be regulated by the Postal Regulation Commission or another governmental body, “consistent with the existing models of privatization in Europe,” the plan said.

There’s no need for the postal entity to be a regulated monopoly, nor is there any rational reason to imitate Europe for the sake of imitating Europe.

Either privatize the USPS or don’t, but don’t waste even more money on halvesies.

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