An Embassy Move

The Trump administration has taken steps to speed up the move of the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Instead of building new, the administration

has decided to modify an existing property to accommodate the new mission that will open next year, US officials said.

Good.  This illustrates that President Donald Trump is not just engaging in Obamatalk about any move, he’s actually suiting action to his words.

The execution of the move also is consistent with past behavior.  The original plan was that brand, spanking new building that would have cost a billion dollars and years of time to get done.  Instead, by retrofitting an existing consular building, a more than adequate (if not ridden with lots of bells and whistles and froo-froo) building can be had for considerably less (the retrofit still won’t be cheap: think security and cyber protections) and be open for business next year.

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