The US Embassy to Israel

Deutsche Welle is fretting about the potential for the US, finally, to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

The status of Jerusalem has been a key stumbling block in previous peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Sure, it’s been a stumbling block, but it’s not been the only one, nor even a key one, despite DW‘s angst.

And Naabil Shaath, a man of many portfolios within the Palestinian Authority and an advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas, is making veiled threats about the move:

We warned the American side that if the American government does in fact carry out that statement to recognize a unified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfers the American embassy to Jerusalem, this is a step that will end any chance of a peace process[.]

Mahmoud Habash, another Abbas advisor, is even more blunt:

[T]he world will pay the price….


Hamas, the militant band of Palestinians that controls Gaza, has warned of a renewed intifada….

In fact, the Palestinians have no interest in peace with Israel in any guise other than after Israel’s destruction.  They’ve opposed or walked away from every discussion of peace in the past.  They’ve engaged in terrorist attacks against Israeli women and children whenever they’ve thought they could get away with them.

Moving our embassy won’t affect Palestinian behavior in the least, only Abbas’ and his cronies’, including Hamas’, rhetoric.  US law requires our embassy to be in Jerusalem.

It’s long past time to obey that law.

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