A Boycott

CNN and its press corps “journalists” have decided to boycott the White House Christmas Party.  President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump violated yet another press protocol: they invited the technicians and behind-the-scenes media employees who work the White House briefing room so the press corps members’ performances can go on the air to what has been in the past a party solely for the press corps.

These pressmen are claiming to be too offended by Trump’s remarks about them to attend, but CNN will be sure and send a press team to “cover” the party and report on it, never minding that the Christmas party is, traditionally, an off-the-record do.

These persons are serious, too.  They will not attend.  These pressmen are holding themselves out as being too good to rub elbows with the very folks who make their White House press corps jobs possible.  They’re not too good to be seen just with their own crews, either.  They’re saying they’re too good to be at the same party as anyone’s mere technicians.

How unbelievably petty.  How breathtakingly arrogant.

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